Current research: PhD Simplifying the Complex: Developing a New Method for Memorising Post-Tonal Piano Music​.

Birmingham City University, Royal Birmingham Conservatoire

Midlands4Cities AHRC Doctoral Studentship


13.12.2019 at 9h: 'Cultura emprenedora a l'escola primària: The French Reverie' [Entrepreneur Culture at the Primary School: The French Reverie], Escola Pompeu Fabra, Vilanova i la Geltrú, Spain.

07.10.2019 at 18:30h: Lecture-Recital 'The French Reverie', Marshall Room, School of Music, Boston University, USA.

08.10.2019 at 9:30h: Composer's Forum Presentation 'Symmetry and Fractals in Music & Entrepreunership', Electronic Music Studio, School of Music, Boston University, USA.

23.10.2019 at 14h: Lecture-recital 'The French Reverie: Devising a New Project of Contemporary Music from Scratch', UCCS Music Program Presents, Heller Center for Arts & Humanities, University of Colorado in Colorado Springs, USA.

24.10.2019 at 19:30h: Lecture-recital 'Symmetry and Fractals in Music', Packard Hall, Colorado College, USA.


03.12.2019: TiMP Symposium 2019, Royal Birmingham Conservatoire, Birmingham City University, UK.

Technology in Musical Performance Study Group, member of the organising committee.


L. Farré Rozada, ‘Memorising George Crumb’s ‘Makrokosmos I’: Exploring New Strategies for Non-Tonal Music’, Unpublished Master’s Dissertation, Royal College of Music, London, (2018), Distinction – 76%

L. Farré Rozada, ‘A la recerca del temps perdut: l’ús de la memòria en la sonata per a piano de Dutilleux’ [‘In Search of Lost Time: The Usage of Memory in Dutilleux’s Piano Sonata’], Unpublished Master’s Dissertation, Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya [Catalonia College of Music], Barcelona, (2016), Distinction – 10/10

L. Farré Rozada, ‘Escales musicals i fraccions contínues’ [‘Musical Scales and Continued Fractions’], Bachelor’s Dissertation, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya [Polytechnic University of Catalonia], Barcelona, (2016), Distinction – 9.5/10

L. Farré Rozada, ‘El piano francès dels segles XX i XXI: una breu investigació per al disseny d’un repertori de concert’ [‘The French Piano of the 20th and 21st Centuries: A Brief Study for Designing a Concert Repertoire], Bachelor’s Dissertation, Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya [Catalonia College of Music], Barcelona, (2015), Distinction – 9.3/10


L. Farré Rozada, ‘’Tzigane’: La primera visita de Ravel a Barcelona’ [‘Tzigane: Ravel’s First Visit to Barcelona’], L’ESMUC digital, 56, (2017),

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L. Farré Rozada, ‘To What Extent are the Balkans Mediterranean?’,, (2016),

L. Farré Rozada, ‘Fins a quin punt és mediterrània la península balcànica?’ [‘To What Extent are the Balkans Mediterranean?’], ÉS mediterrani, (2016),


L. Farré Rozada, ‘Quinze anys, quinze testimonis: Ressenya de la promoció 2011-2012 de l’ESMUC’ [Fifteen Years, Fifteen Testimonies: Review of ESMUC’s Promotion 2011-2012], L’ESMUC digital, 47, (2016),

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