“Bravo! Beautiful! Very dramatic and a tremendous performance. Sounds orchestral, just as I imagined it, and the timing is wonderful all the way. Very poetic. You were born for this kind of piece, for your accuracy and the dynamics, especially for the way you handle them.” George Crumb - Composer. 


“A most impressive recital! Some really dynamic and compelling playing. The Escaich was a tour-de-force: you kept up the excitement level in a truly spectacular way.” ​Tim Gill - Principal Cello at the London Sinfonietta.

“Laura Farré Rozada's album The French Reverie, on the Albert Moraleda label, could serve as a model for young artists making their recording debuts.” Phillip Sommerich - Classical Music Magazine.


“A strong performance from the start, adhering to all the details, and bringing out the virtuosity of the player and composer!”

Mei Yi Foo - Concert Pianist & Recording Artist.


“An extremely impressive feat of memory and a recital of enormous range. Elements of theatricality were well converged and the artistic command was as convincing in the virtuosic music as it was in the more intimate and spacious music.”

Ian Jones - Deputy Head of Keyboard, Piano Professor & Fellow at the Royal College of Music, London (UK).

“This time the concert [Robert Gerhard's Piano Concerto] had a brilliant soloist, the young pianist Laura Farré Rozada, with a good experience in contemporary music.”

Jorge de Persia - La Vanguardia.

An example of what can be done when there is talent and enthusiasm. We listen to the album ['The French Reverie'] and the expectations are fulfilled in full, because it is sounding stimulating music, which conveys enthusiasm and surprise.
Jordi Martí Fabra - 440 Clàssica Magazine.
A precious record ['The French Reverie'] for the selection of contemporary works, excellently interpreted and at the same time very interesting, with an added bonus, that Laura Farré Rozada knows the composers and has been able to develop an interpretation guided by the creators themselves. This gives an extraordinary bonus.
Joan Vives - 'Tots els matins del món' at Catalunya Música Radio.
Virtuosity, like the one achieved in the last movement of the Sonata, dominance of color, such as the one presented in Reflection in the Wind of Messiaen or the apparent chaotic universe of Toccata de Manoury, allow us to capture a part of the great interpretative aspects of Laura: impeccable technique, mastery of loudness, a detailed calculation of the balance of dynamics and intensity of volumes, all at the service of carefully selected compositions...Diametrically opposed works of character in which Laura Farré Rozada shows in both an unquestionable pianistic talent.
Lluís Trullén - Revista Musical Catalana

Laura Farré Rozada exhibited Gerhard's concert with brilliance and maximum neatness. She was very inspirational, showing the deep knowledge and the great qualities to interpret contemporary music and his concern to publicize the music of the 20th century. The reading that she did at any moment was superficial, making with the piano sonority and timbric chords very suitable for each passage. Always counting on the enthusiastic collaboration of the conductor and orchestral instrumentalists on pages that were very difficult for everyone... A memorable concert: in fact, one of the best we've heard recently, and that the audience appreciated with strong applause."

Roman Galimany - Nits de Clàssics

I have listened to the CD ['The French Reverie'] by Laura Farré Rozada a couple of times and I am pleased to send you my congratulations. The program is very interesting, original, varied and pleasant, with works by consolidated authors and some novelties, including masterpieces such as the magnificent Sonata by Dutilleux. But above all, I have really liked the interpretations, very personal, expressive and solvent technically, always at the service of the music and with the sound and style needed in each piece. Congratulations, Laura, and for many years!” Benet Casablancas - Composer & Musicologist.
Laura Farré lives in the present and she shapes the able to disclose everything with outstanding technique and - literally - playful instinct...has developed a very own, yet respectful handwriting and expression quality for Messiaen's music...
Alexander Keuk - Composer, Music Journalist & Author.
Such delicate playing throughout, crystal clear and expressive and what a good collection of music
Richard Langham Smith - Fellow of the Royal College of Music & Chevalier de l'ordre des arts et des lettres. 
Enjoying debut CD ['The French Reverie'] of pianist Laura Farré Rozada: enterprising programme, terrific performance of Dutilleux Sonata. Dr Caroline Potter - Award-winning author of books on Satie, Boulanger and Dutilleux.
What a superb performance! Have you ever said that after a show?... Though I had planned on just taking it all in for an evening of food, wine, good conversation, and music; when Laura Farré Rozada started playing, I could not help but pick up my pocket-sized square journal to take notes...the performance before the intermission truly showed me the power and enlightening effect Laura’s music had on the audience...The audience’s reaction had persons bowing their heads up and down not just in the rhythm; but yes, yes, I understand what you are saying. 'I feel what you are saying'...At moments, Laura would allow the last stroke of the keys fade away as she looks softly at them; it is as though she is making love with music. Such a gift along with her excellent timing and precision, Laura Farre Rozada is a masterful pianist gem.. James Lynch Jr. - Writer.
In truth, I rarely venture outside my comfort zone with piano music, but a debut album by the pianist Laura Farre Rozada has intrigued me...It’s a refreshingly varied assortment that shows the directions French composers for the piano have taken after Debussy and Ravel. I was particularly struck by the single-note repetitions of Phillippe Manoury’s Tocatta
Simon Brackenborough, classical music blogger.

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